My Intermittent Fasting Results After 1 Month

I got started with intermittent fasting completely by accident on 24th of May 2018.

My initial plan was to try this for 2 weeks while my wife and son are away on vacation without me.

The last time that I got a couple of days all to myself involved a little too much ice-cream and relatively unhealthy food (empty calories).

This time I set out this challenge for myself without telling anyone about it. If I fail then that’s only for me to know.

The results of my first 30 days of intermittent fasting

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am 1.71m tall (5.6 feet) and for the past ~10 years my weight has always varied between 70 and 74 kilograms (155 to 163 pounds).

I decided to weigh myself every morning in the same conditions: get out of bed, go to the bathroom and then weigh myself only in my underwear.

When I started my fasting on 24th of May 2018 the scales were showing 70.2 kg.

Since 27th of June 2018 the scales have been steadily showing under 67.0 kg, nowadays it varies from 66.3 to 66.9 kg (146 – 147.5).

I’ve dropped 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) in a single month.

It is important to note that I didn’t start intermittent fasting to lose weight, but there’s enough of stuff in my body that I would like to get rid of.

I get more work done during the day

One of the main benefits of intermittent fasting is a certain “clarity of the mind” that is a little difficult to describe.

I feel that I procrastinate a lot less, my coding sessions are longer and more efficient.

Constant energy levels

Probably the first thing that I noticed (starting from Day 2 of fasting) is that my energy levels no longer had those nasty dips and spikes around lunch and dinner.

As unbelievable as it might sound, but I’m going at the same pace and I feel the same at 22:00 as I feel at 06:30 when I wake up. My body and mind behave at a constant level throughout the day.

And it’s not that I feel sleepy or slow all day, on the contrary: I am alert and active. No mood swings either.

The intensity and duration of my workouts have increased significantly

The only cardio workout that I do is on my bicycle. There are a couple of parks and forests not far from me, so if the weather is fine on Saturdays or Sundays then I go out.

Last year (in 2017) I would barely resist an hour. My water bottle was empty after about 45 minutes and I would turn back home. My workout distance was always in the 15-20 km range (9 – 12 miles).

And here are some of my latest workouts in a fasted state.

Workout 1: June 3rd, 2018 (10 days into intermittent fasting)

Duration & Distance: 09:59 – 11:58 – 32.83 km (20 miles).
At 10:00 I was already 16 hours into my fasting.
My first meal was at ~14:00, but I was still completely not hungry even after a 2 hours cycling session.

Workout 2: July 1st, 2018 (yesterday, ~5 weeks into intermittent fasting).

Duration & Distance: 09:44 – 12:06 – 34.49 km (21 miles), but I could have ridden another hour easily.
At 10:00 I was 14 hours into my fasting.
My first meal was at ~14:00, but again – I was not hungry.

Unexpected bonus benefit: less time in the bathroom (WC)

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail here, but let me say this: I feel like my digestive system works better and wastes less resources.

Thanks to this I usually go to the bathroom twice a day: once in the morning when I wake up and then in the evening after my last meal (around 19:30).

In Conclusion

What was a curious personal challenge became an important part of my life, it became a lifestyle.

It comes with some challenges (having a family and all that), but it is completely manageable. I think this is so much easier and adaptable than keto diets for example. You can eat the same stuff you’ve been eating before, just try to stick to at least a 16:8 plan.

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