Body Weight Scale with Bluetooth to Track my Intermittent Fasting Progress

I started my intermittent fasting 6 weeks ago (~25th of May, 2018) and I’m very pleased with the progress that I’m making.

At first I didn’t expect to do this long-term, so I was OK with using my regular home body weight scale to track my weight. I knew that there are weight scales that can determine your body fat %, muscle mass %, body mass index (BMI), etc., but I also knew that they can get a bit expensive.

Two weeks into my fasting I searched on Ebay but all the scales with these features would cost up from 50 EUR ($58).

After I started this blog last week, I decided that I should be able to better track and describe the progress that I’m making. So I knew I have to spend some money.

Thankfully this time I was able to find a very decent digital body weight scale with Bluetooth and a weight tracking app for just 29,99 EUR ($35), the AEG PW 5653 (in white).

Bluetooth Connectivity with Samsung Galaxy S7

I downloaded the free “Smart Scale” app from the Google Play Store and it took about 15 seconds to connect it to my new weight scale. Had to set my age and height and I was done.

The next day I weighed myself as usual, only this time I got a little more information about the state of my body.

  • BMI: 22.9
  • Fat: 14.8%
  • Water: 60.0%
  • Muscle: 32.5

From now on I will try to write about my progress at least 2-3 times a month, to see how these stats will vary.

Wish me luck!

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